Thornton Heath - Croydon
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About Us

St. Luke 4:18-19



We decree and declare that we are the body of our Lord Jesus Christ.

We are awesomely and beautifully hand made in the image of our Heavenly Father.

We are made for relationship with Him and we are highly functional human-beings regardless of our current circumstances.

When we are in relational unity and being obedient to God and His words, we become mighty instruments in His hands, to be used as vessels of honour, to bring glory and to fulfil His will and purpose in all capacity in the earth.

We will do this through the resurrected Blood of Jesus Christ and the intervention of the Holy Spirit in our lives (AMEN).

(Paraphrase: 1Corinthians 3:16; Genesis 2:6-31;St  Johns 14:12)

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The Vision of the Anointed Apostolic Church of our Lord Jesus Christ is:

  • Reach the people of the Borough of Croydon and afield with the gospel of Jesus Christ
  • To practice that Apostolic, Pentecostal doctrine which will help any one we come in contact with to realise and experience the power of Jesus Christ through repentance of sins and the acceptance of the promise of God; ‘that whosoever believeth in him, should not perish, but have everlasting life. ( John 3:16)
  • To develop a body of missionary minded believers to reach out to all people of the community.



The mission of the Anointed Apostolic Church of our Lord Jesus Christ is:

  • To glorify God and serve those in need.
  • To pray, preach, teach, and practice the gospel of Jesus Christ and to be a friendly, nurturing community that reaches out to all in love and servitude.
  • To experience God’s anointing power which will bring permanent change to our life situations.
  • To work with all people who feel they are excluded from everyday activities in society for whatever reason.
  • To help many young and mature people are who are experiencing problems with drugs, alcohol, mental diagnosis, those whose minds are shackled by life’s problems, prostitution, sickness in the body; whatever our issues are, Jesus loves us and wants to bring about change in our lives. We can become more than our current situations.
  • To be challenged to motivate, inspire, educate, support and encourage ministers and Christian workers in the organization to evangelise the community for Jesus Christ.
  • To be concerned about the spiritual and physical and psychological needs of the community.
  • To share our faith and beliefs with the unbelievers for the purpose of leading them into a relationship with Christ which will introduce them to the life changing power of the Holy Spirit.


Experience a new life through the cross at Calvary and the shed blood of Jesus and His resurrected power of the Holy Spirit.



The purpose of the Anointed Apostolic Church is to:

  • Work with people to bring about stability, confidence, self worth and value to fulfil our God given purpose upon earth.
  • To allow the Holy Spirit anointing to stretch and catapult us into His divine will to affect those people we are in contact with on a daily basis for the Kingdom of heaven.
  • To win men and women, youths for Christ and change lives.
  • To communicate with people we come in contact with that they can a difference within themselves, families and the wider society.
  • To learn and build a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ and allowing Him to direct, leads and guide us daily.